Design Program

Fences can combine the best elements of previous systems and those recently designed. Or a new design can be created, combining the best fence systems from concept to implementation. The optimal combination of safety, versatility, aesthetic quality can be created together with you and for you. Many years of experience and expertise guarantee that we will customise a solution to meet the customer’s requirements and on a turnkey basis.

Fences made to order

Based on our experience in fencing, design and construction capabilities, our experts can create completely individual fencing systems. Managing the complete production process enables us to produce a fence according to a client’s specifications. Design and execution can be implemented based on the customer’s conceptual design, we can then execute this in our architectural studio. Of course, new solutions can also be developed in cooperation with the customer. As with other fencing, fences on request can also be constructed using all the elements of fencing - fence panels, hinged gates for personal passages and in-line doors with larger, lighter openings.
All our products are protected by a hot-dip galvanising and powder coating process.

Ograje Kočevar | design Ograje Kočevar | design Ograje Kočevar | design
Ograje Kočevar | design Ograje Kočevar | design

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